Navy SEALs: Favorite character 7/8/’16

I know, I know my post says character, but it’s actually about an author’s series. Suzanne Brockmann turned me onto Harlequin category series romance with her Tall, Dark and Dangerous SEAL team series. Until I discovered these I’d preferred meatier single title romances. Once I discovered the first TDD story I had to go back for more. I fell in love with ALL the heroes. These well written quickie (50K) romances are each just different enough that they all feel fresh while still connected as a whole, with totally delicious alpha male heroes and just the right amount of sex, suspense, action, and drama.

#1 Joe Cat from “Prince Joe” was my first SEAL romance ever. This SEAL was just arrogant, combat hardened and rough enough around the edges. Yum! Prince Joe is the 1st from Brockmann’s 11 book Tall, Dark, and Dangerous series. For Brockmann’s Troubleshooters fans, TDD are ‘lighter’ and except for a couple of issues it’s an equally fantastic series. Brockman sure can write a delicious hero. Seriously.

#2 “Forever Blue” is about a murder mystery and a couple with some history. I loved Carter “Blue” McCoy and Lucy, too.

#3 My vote for most tortured SEAL hero goes to Alan “Frisco” Francisco from “Frisco’s Kid.” Disabled SEAL hero, anyone? Frisco has a huge chip on his sculpted shoulders. I had never read a book where the hero’s identity and feelings of self-worth were so closely tied to his career.

#4 Sparks fly when hostage Melody Evans is rescued by a SEAL team member, Harlan “Cowboy” Jones in “Everyday Average Jones. “

#5 Any virgin heroine fans? “Harvard’s Education” I’ll admit, Harvard and P.J.’s story made the top of my “this is how to lose your virginity” list. Wonderful read. Oh, be aware of the themes of racism and sexism in this one.

#6 “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” (longest title) is about our brooding, stoic hero. Navy SEAL Billy “Crash” Hawken. Oh, this tale is structured quite differently from the others. And by-the-way, this story contains my favorite line from the whole series, “if you’d die for me, why won’t you live for me?”

#7 “The Admiral’s Bride” was a wonderful read. Although I am, I know not everyone’s a fan of the “May to December” romances. However, it was done in a way that made it an exceptionally enjoyable read for me.

#8 OH! Are you a sucker for an amnesia story? “Identity Unknown” is just the SEAL tale for you…

#9 Lieutenant Luke “Lucky” O’Donlon in “Get Lucky” is simply delicious! Lucky’s a gorgeous blond haired, blue eyed, walking-talking Ken doll, (Syd -our heroine- often refers to him as “Navy Ken”). Seriously! He’s a ladies’ man who’s never wanted to settle down before in his life. That is, until he meets Syd Jameson and his world turns-upside-down.

#10 When it comes to protecting the innocent, Navy SEAL Bobby Taylor is your man. And guess what?  In “Taylor’s Temptation” he gets his girl, only she happens to be the sister of his best friend and SEAL partner Wes.

#11 Night Watch is about Wes a real badass, badboy with some seriously bad habits. But you’ll love him as much as his team mates, if not more!

I just loved this fun, sexy and exciting series. It gives us larger than life Navy SEAL heroes, capable of anything. For full length SEALS check out Suzanne’s Troubleshooter series. It’s awesome, too.  12250139_10153111889276502_3028514639853359831_n (1)


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