Who’s your favorite secondary character? 5/6/’16

It was in Beth Ciotta’s Friends and Lovers Collection where I discovered the true importance of secondary characters. A light bulb went off as I experienced just how memorable a secondary character’s struggles could be. Sometimes, a supporting character is just a supporting character, and I’m okay with that. But who -among my fellow readers- haven’t fallen in love with a secondary character? Some secondary characters are so strong that their stories beg to be told. I like to think I managed that with Miller Thorn. He appeared in both his brothers stories Boomerang Love & Riptide Love, before his own story played out in True Blue Love.

Often times while reading, I see a secondary character and I think “sequel bait”. Although, this doesn’t always make me excited for the character’s story. I need them to have their own purpose in the story I’m reading rather than walking advertisement for the follow-up story. You know what I mean?

Immediately, Sam and Alyssa from -a favorite author of mine- Suzanne Brockmann’s “Troubleshooters” series came to mind. They are introduced in the first in the series and experience a lot of delicious torture before getting their own book. I just loved them. Sam and Alyssa’s story was 2nd, even 3rd fiddle in several books until they finally came front and center for their own HEA.

But my very favorite secondary character of all time is…“The Simi” Xiamara (Simi) Parthenopaeus, the Barbecue Sauce wielding Charonte demon from the fantastic Dark Hunter Books and Manga series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Simi is dear-and-near to Acheron Parthenopaeus, (her “Akri”) who’s raised Simi as his daughter for over 11,000 years.

Simi always brightens a story. She always earns a smile. She’ll eat everything except for hooves. We know her favorite food (Barbecued anything,) And we know she loves the Macarena, and we know she shops “like a Demon” Seriously. What’s not to love?


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